Communal Door Lock Repair

Burgh Locksmiths offer a full locksmithing service for the replacement and/or repair of communal doors. We take your security seriously and as such we hold both Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) and Disclosure Scotland checks, we also carry photographic identification that proves this, that means you can have complete trust in your Burgh Locksmiths representative.

In tenements and flats, arranging to repair the communal door and lock can seem to be a difficult task. The importance of having a secure stair door, which locks when it shuts itself, should not be forgotten though. Nor should the safety and security of all of the residents within the block. This first and main barrier against the outside, can prevent and restrict access to the stairwell and therefore your own flat and property. Burgh Locksmiths understands that the communal door is extremely important to the overall security of many individuals. That is why we supply and install high quality, British Insurance Approved locks. These locks meet the specifications stipulated by insurance companies, which is important and even more so for a communal door.

Burgh locksmiths can help organize and carry out repairs and upgrades to any communal door and the locks. We suggest that once a majority within the stair have agreed to have the work carried out, then one person contacts us and we will liaise with them to make sure the work is carried out quickly and cost effectively. Burgh Locksmiths have proven systems that will help the entire process, from issuing new keys to making payment, to be carried out smoothly. Enabling us to help all residents feel more secure within their own homes. Something that everyone is entitled to feel!

Contact us today for all repairs to communal doors on 0131 563 7731 or mobile 0788 406 7720. Alternatively you can complete the enquiry form below or email Burgh Locksmiths for a fast and friendly response.