HMO Locks and Fire Regulations

Burgh Locksmiths can fit HMO Licence compliant locksWe are able to supply and fit or retro fit a range of locks that will ensure your property is compliant with local fire regulations and thus meet the requirements of the HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) licence at the same time as securing your property. So what exactly the purpose of an HMO licence?

Fundamentally the HMO licence is in existence to help to ensure that accommodation for people living in shared housing is of good quality, is well managed and above all else, is a safe place to live.

Indeed to quote directly from the Scottish Goverment HMO Licence guidelines

“Before granting a licence the local authority must be satisfied that the owner and any manager of the property is fit and proper to hold a licence; that the property meets required physical standards and that it is suitable for use as an HMO or could be made so by including conditions in the licence.

The local authority sets the standards required and also sets the fees charged for a licence application. Scottish Ministers have issued guidance to local authorities on the licensing of HMOs (PDF version)….. And goes on to say

Fire Safety

HMOs are covered by fire safety legislation. Visit the FireLaw website for more information.”

So having the correct locking mechanisms in place for any property that is being rented out under HMO Licence is something that Burgh Locksmiths take extremely seriously. We are here to help you meet any HMO Licence and subsequent fire regulation specifications.

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