Nissan Remote Control Repairs

We carry a wide range of Nissan remote control cases and fobs and are able to repair any damage to your existing remote and then replace it in a new case, making a ‘like new’ working remote key. This is already programmed to your car so doesn’t need any additional programming.

‘Remember if we can’t fix your remote 100% then we guarantee to refund your money’.

Common Faults –

  • Buttons not locking or unlocking car?
  • Cases missing rubber buttons?
  • Key blade broken from remote?
  • Remote case fallen apart or blade no longer ‘flipping’?

All can be fixed by our skilled technicians.

Please select the style of remote you currently have and click on the button to buy.

We will repair your exiting remote, replace the case, test the battery and replace as needed.

We will also cut the key blade if needed using the latest technology, included in the price, many suppliers return the remote and then you need to take it to be cut at an extra expense.

Nissan NATS remote

Nissan NATS Remote case